Skewer Rack with Set of 5 Skewers

The Cuisinart Skewer Rack with Set of 5 Skewers is the ultimate barbecue accessory for grilling and serving perfect kebabs. This attractive stainless steel rack fits directly on your grill and elevates your skewers 1.5 inches above the grill surface - making handling your skewers safe and easy and reducing the flare-ups often experienced with skewers. The five stainless steel skewers that come with the set hold ten inches of food and nest securely on the rack. The flat design prevents food from spinning on the skewer, allowing food to be grilled evenly when skewers are turned. When your skewers are done, grab some grill mitts and take the full rack right to your table for easy serving. Additional skewers available sold separately.

Skewer Rack with Set of 5 Skewers

Model # CUI CSKR-105

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Cuisinart Product Features

Set includes stainless steel rack and 5 skewers. Rack holds 5 skewers at a time. Keeps skewers above flame to reduce charring. Flat skewer design keeps food from rolling. Large handles make it easy to take rack directly from grill to serving.

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