Folding Rib Rack

Cook your barbecued ribs Slow and Low with the Cuisinart Folding Rib Rack. Ribs are intended to be slow-cooked at lower temperatures. This stainless steel rib rack holds 4 large racks of ribs up and above your grill surface, providing even cooking and no charring even when ribs cook for a long period of time. The upright grilling method also allows for easy basting without having to move or turn the ribs. The rack includes two handles so you can easily transport all your food from the grill right to your serving area. Equally convenient, the rack folds flat, so when you are finished grilling you can simply store the rack in a basic kitchen drawer.

Folding Rib Rack

Model # CUI CRR-158

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Cuisinart Product Features

Durable stainless-steel construction. Holds up to four full racks of ribs. Grills ribs upright for even, char-free cooking. Conveniently folds flat for easy drawer storage. Folding handles allow for easy removal from grill and convenient serving.

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