Simply Grilling Non-Stick Grilling Wok

Step outside and spice up your grill with the new Cuisinart® Non-Stick Grilling Wok. Start with the freshest vegetables and add a helping of juicy meats or fish. Just a dash of your favorite spices or stir-fry sauce and your sizzling creation is complete. The professional grade non-stick coating ensures food wont stick to your wok - so grilling is easy and clean-up a breeze. Designed with a heat-resistant folding handle for comfortable grip and convenient storage, this Non-Stick Grilling Wok is certain to bring new adventures to your grilling experience.

Simply Grilling Non-Stick Grilling Wok

Model # CUI CNW-428

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Cuisinart Product Features
  • Large 10" diameter ideal for large portions of stir-fry meats, seafood and vegetables
  • Heat-resistant folding handle provides comfortable maneuvering on the grill and easy storage
  • Perforated grilling surface designed to enhance grilled flavor of your food and reduce excess grease and fat
  • Professional grade non-stick coating ensures easy cleanup
  • Heavy-duty construction prohibits warping at high grilling temperatures

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