Meatball Grilling Basket

The Cuisinart Meatball Grilling Basket is a fun grilling accessory that allows you to cook up delicious barbecued meatballs and other tasty appetizers right on your grill. This clever non-stick basket is easy to use and allows your imagination to run wild with new appetizer ideas for your grill. Try cherry tomatoes, stuffed mushrooms, crab cakes, bacon wrapped scallops, or delicious meatballs basted with tangy bbq sauce. Just open the top lid of the basket, load in up to 20 of your desired finger foods and place on your grill. After a few minutes, grab the heat resistant rubberized handle and turn the basket to cook the other side. Meatballs come out juicy and delicious and your other creations will impress anyone you serve.

Meatball Grilling Basket

Model # CUI CNMB-444

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Cuisinart Product Features

Grill basket holds up to 20 individual pieces. Professional-grade non-stick coating ensures long-lasting grilling surface and easy clean-up after use. Grill meatballs, mushrooms, scallops, cherry tomatoes and other fun bite-sized treats. Elongated heat-resistant handle makes turning easy and safe. Sliding loop lock securely holds top lid into place.

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