FireWire Flexible Grilling Skewers - Two Pack

Model # CUI CFW-122

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Cuisinart Product Features

Throw away your flat inflexible skewers and try Cuisinart FireWire. These innovative flexible skewers make preparing, grilling and serving kabobs easy. The flexible stainless-steel cable design allows you to easily marinate your food in a bowl or zip-top bag and limit the amount of handling of your food before it goes on the grill. Grilling with FireWire couldn't be easier. The flexible design allows you to maximize the space on your grill, and the ends stay cool, allowing you to rotate and remove your food without tools.

  • Set of 2 flexible stainless-steel cable skewers.
  • Easy to marinate in a bowl or resealable bag.
  • Holds twice as much food as a regular skewers without taking up as much valuable grilling space on your grill.
  • Skewer tips stay cool-to-the-touch for easy turning and removing.
  • Dishwasher safe and rust resistant.
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